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The Lisps' Futurity Wins Outstanding Musical at the 2016 Lucille Lortel Awards!

I lose Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical to Annette O'Toole, which, if you're gonna lose to someone, let it be her! Michael Shannon, wearing an all-white suit, says my name while looking at a giant picture of my face. All is well!

The Off-Broadway Alliance awards Futurity Best New Musical

“Some of the most lovely and inventive music you can hear on a New York stage right now…folk-inflected ballads and anthems that manage to sound both entirely contemporary and eerily of the past… How refreshing to meet a musical that has too much on its mind, rather than too little. FUTURITY can only help advance an art form that often seems unable to imagine itself a new future.” Charles Isherwood, Critics’ Pick

—The New York Times


“Indelibly human-made; no musical-making machine could ever achieve such an imaginative and singular result.”



“FUTURITY commands you to drop your arms and raise your hands. A celebration of music’s transcendent powers. Don’t worry about why you’re getting uplifted, just surrender.”

—The Village Voice


“Positively gasp-worthy. Those who like their theater messy and beautiful are liable to fall in love with FUTURITY.”


I am a Cover Girl!

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